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Mark Norton photo
Mark Norton, owner

The choices we make affect many things.  In 2011, I set out on a journey to build a  customer preferred world-class auto body shop.  My successful career was in information technologies, but my passion was and still is cars.  People asked me “why?”  Because it is needed.  I too suffered at the hands of auto body shops that left much to be desired, including care about the customer.   Something had to be done and it was up to me.  My wife can tell you I never do things part way.  It’s go big or go home.  That is when I came across what I believe was the perfect shop in Cannon Falls.  Hiring the right technicians, utilizing my management skills and having a compassion for people and their needs was the mix that became Soulfisher Collision.  But that was just the beginning.  Here is the rest of the story.      – Mark

Soulfisher Collision and Repair

The truth is you have choices when purchasing vehicle repairs.  I believe that your choice of shops should protect your interests and investment.  Our purpose is to provide a unique customer-focused repair experience beginning with our commitment to you and your satisfaction and ending with you telling your friends about the exceptional service.  That is why we are the customer preferred shop of choice!

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Our Customer Service Team

Mark Norton

What can I say, I dreamt this whole thing up and pinch myself most days to just to make sure it’s real. I could never do it by myself. The team of employees I have make it all possible. Great leaders don’t lead, they inspire. It is the inspiration that is contagious and changes the world.

Loralyn Brandt

Business Manager
Loralyn joined Soulfisher Collision and Repair in November of 2015 and quickly established herself as part of the team. She is energized by customer interaction and is passionate about service. If you don’t say “hi” to her when you stop in, she’ll be disappointed.

Mario Gamez

Service Advisor, Sales/Operations Manager
Mario has been a part of Soulfisher Collision and Repair from the beginning. Leaving temporarily in 2016, we were glad to welcome him back in October that year. Mario has been a trusted face familiar to our customers throughout the years.  Now Mario serves our customers as our Service Advisor.  His knowledge of vehicles and his down to earth style will put you at ease.

Jeremy White

Auto Body Tech / Painter
Jeremy has been a part of the Soulfisher Collision and Repair team since 2012. Starting as an intern, Jeremy exhibited his skills in auto body. One of his first projects was to rebuild the owner’s wife Mazda, complete with frame rail ends and air bag deployment. He has continued to advance and his trait to being a perfectionist makes him a great painter.

Garrett Hildreth

Auto Body Tech
Garrett joined Soulfisher Collision and Repair as an intern in the fall of 2015. He came on full-time after graduating in 2016. He has a particular good eye for detail and does an excellent job replicating the factory look, making him a quality metal worker.

Matt Sjoblom

Service Technician
Matt is a familiar face to Cannon Falls residents having grown up in the community and worked at O’Reilly’s for years. He joined our staff in April 2015 as our first Service Technician and has been serving our customers since.

Mike Mehrkens

Master Auto Glass Technician and Sales
Mike came to Soulfisher Collision in September of 2016 to help us start Cannon Valley Auto Glass. His 10 years of auto glass experience has made him invaluable in this endeavor. For fun, ask Mike the part number for a windshield of any car in the last 8 years and he will most likely be right.

What Our Customers Say

We celebrate the comments of our customers!  Every comment gives us opportunity to reflect on the work that we have done and to measure our progress as we continue to make Soulfisher Collision and Repair the premier auto body and general repair center.

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Soulfisher Collision and Repair

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