Get to Know Us And Know You Can Trust Us with Your Vehicle

Soulfisher Collision was established by Mark Norton in November of 2011. Mark always had a passion for cars, having done auto body repairs on his own vehicle as a teenager and, more recently, rebuilding his drag racing car’s body, engines, and suspension. When a corporate merger and the availability of one of the best collision repair facilities in the Cannon Falls area (Johnson’s Collision Center) coincided, it gave Mark the opportunity he had long desired—to run his own auto body shop—and he went for it.

Mark Norton - Owner of Soulfisher Collision

“The choices we make affect many things. In 2011, I set out on a journey to build a customer-preferred, world-class auto body shop. My successful career was in information technologies, but my passion was—and still is—cars. People asked me ‘why?’ My answer: because it is needed. I too suffered at the hands of auto body shops that left much to be desired, especially when it came to customer service. Something had to be done, and it was up to me. My wife can tell you I never do things part way. It's go big or go home. By hiring the right technicians, utilizing my management skills, and having a compassion for people and their needs, my goal is for Soulfisher to the best automotive service center in Cannon Falls or anywhere.” --- Mark Norton

Becoming the Full-Service Collision Repair Center We Are Today

Mark knew the basic, hometown auto body shop he had purchased had the potential to serve the Cannon Falls community in even greater ways than it had before. Building on exceptional customer service, Mark and his staff have grown Soulfisher into the full-service collision repair center it is today. Here’s how…

1. Protecting our customers’ interests and investment

The truth is you have choices when purchasing vehicle repairs. We believe your choice of automotive repair shops should protect your interests and investment.

2. Meeting our customers’ needs with quality repairs

We are a full-service auto body shop performing a wide variety of services, from bumper repairs and headlamp polishing to unibody and frame repair. Our paint shop uses PPG automotive refinishes, providing a finish approved by all major manufacturers. Also, we have resources to repair hail damage, replace auto glass, perform paintless dent repair (PDR), and more.

3. Staying up-to-date on automotive technology

We review and utilize OEM procedures and position statements to maintain vehicle safety and integrity. Most importantly, anyone who operates by a “that’s the way it’s always been done” mentality has no place in our shop. Your vehicle is not the same as the vehicles manufactured five years earlier, so neither should the repair process be the same.

Woman calling for help after auto accident
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